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1_Coconut Mango Smoothie-o.png
Coconut Mango Smoothie-o
4_Strawberry Smoothie-o.png
Strawberry Smoothie-o
7_Cantaloupe Smoothie-o.png
Cantaloupe Smoothie-o
10_Green Tea Smoothie-o w. Red Bean.png
Green Tea Smoothie-o w. Red Bean & Black Rice
13_Man-coco Sticky Smoothie.png
Man-Coco Sticky Smoothie
2_Mango Smoothie-o.png
Mango Smoothie-o
5_Snow White Strawberry Smoothie-o.png
Snow White Strawberry Smoothie-o
8_Fresh Banana Smoothie-o.png
Fresh Banana Smoothie-o
11_Special Mango Juice Smoothie-o.png
Special Mango Juice Smoothie-o
14_Creamy Peach Smoothie.png
Creamy Peachy Smoothie
3_Mango Strawberry Smoothie-o.png
Mango Strawberry Smoothie-o
Watermelon Smoothie-o
9_Snow White Smoothie-o w. Red Bean.png
Snow White Smoothie-o w. Red Bean & Mango
12_Ube Frappucinno.png
Ube Frappucinno
1_Grapefruit Sliced Tea.png
Grapefruit Sliced Tea
4_Jasmine Cheese Foam.png
Jasmine Cheese Foam
7_Cheese Foam Blush Peachy.png
Cheese Foam Blush Peachy
10_Mango Green Tea w. Lychee Jelly.png
Mango Green Tea w. Lychee Jelly
13_Yogurt Freeze w. Mango Popping Boba.png
Yogurt Freeze w. Mango Popping Boba
16_Matcha Mango Lattee.png
Matcha Mango Lattee
21_Grape Guava Smoothie.png
Grape Guava Smoothie
24_Lychee Rose.png
Lychee Rose
2_Mixed Fruit Jasmine Tea.png
Mixed Fruit Jasmine Tea
5_Avocado Cheese Foam Tea.png
Avocado Cheese Foam Tea
8_Cheese Foam Pineapple Tea.png
Cheese Foam Pineapple Tea
11_Handcrafted Lime Green Tea.png
Handcrafted Lime Green Tea
14_Pineapple Ice Tea.png
Pineapple Ice Tea
19_Guava Lychee.png
Guava Lychee
22_Lychee Jasmine Ice Tea.png
Lychee Jasmine Ice Tea
3_Cheese Foam Strawberry Tea.png
Cheese Foam Strawberry Tea
6_Cheese Foam Grape Slushy.png
Cheese Foam Grape Slushy
9_Fresh Passionfruit Green Tea w. Seed.png
Fresh Passionfruit Green Tea w. Seed
12_Golden Kiwi.png
Golden Kiwi
15_Moonlight Pineapple.png
Moonlight Pineapple
20_Guava Strawberry.png
Guava Strawberry
23_Peach Lychee Milk.png
Lychee Milk
1_Signature Bubble Milk Tea.png
Signature Bubble Milk Tea
4_Taro Bubble Milk Tea.png
Taro Bubble Milk Tea
7_Ube Bubble Milk Tea.png
Ube Bubble Milk Tea
11_Matcha Brûlée Bubble Milk Tea.png
Matcha Brûlée Bubble Milk Tea
2_Brown Sugar Boba Milk.png
Brown Sugar Boba Milk
5_Coconut Bubble Milk Tea.png
Coconut Bubble Milk Tea
8_Violet Lavender Bubble Milk Tea.png
Violet Lavender Bubble Milk Tea
Fresh Ube Milk with Oat
3_Thai Bubble Milk Tea.png
Thai Bubble Milk Tea
6_Blush Rose Bubble Milk Tea.png
Blush Rose Bubble Milk Tea
10_Oreo Brûlée Bubble Milk Tea.png
Oreo Brûlée Bubble Milk Tea
Ginger Milk
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