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Our Story

Our story began in New York’s Chinatown. Inspired by the constant innovation of the city, we decided to fuse sweet soups in traditional Hong Kong style with modern desserts. Only the most sophisticated cooking methods and finest ingredients (including all the freshest mangoes) are used to create handcrafted desserts like our Mango Mochi, Green Tea Mille Crepe, Durian Dessert Bowl, and the famously known coconut mango infused smoothie.


Every store is designed so that customers can relax and hang out with peers while enjoying the finest desserts that are brought to the table.


Our team believe dining in a beautiful and clean environment is an essential. Stop by for a sweet tooth and see what our team has put together.

Every item is prepared with care to contain just the right amount of sweetness and is served in an atmosphere thoughtfully designed for leisure and relaxation.


A never-before-seen menu that is captivating enough to bring Mango Mango’s loyal customers here over and over again. Hong Kong’s famously known desserts such as real mango blended into juice served with sago and pomelo.


We are happy to help and want out customers to feel comfortable coming to us for assistance. Smile, have fun, be upbeat and positive with every interaction.

Our Team

We are a team player! To our customers, to your role, to detail, and to our quality.

Our Goals 

The team has made a powerful resonating impact in New York City and branching out across the US market. We are working hard to make Mango Mango a household name in America.
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